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The Local Post Collectors Society is devoted to the study, collecting and dissemination of modern world’s Local Posts, stamps and related collectibles and to provide guidance to members in establishing and operating their own Local Posts. The Society aspires to create a feeling of fellowship that unites Local Posts everywhere through correspondence by cultivating opportunities to exchange stamps and collectibles, thereby generating a greater understanding and enjoyment of our hobby.



Why is our logo in red?

It symbolizes the urge to achieve results, to win success and all forms of vitality. It’s the expression of vital force that encompasses all forms of leadership, creative endeavors and development and expansion.

Want to start a Local Post? . . . we can help!

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Jan 27 Bob Fritz

Jan 27 Richard Scott

Jan 28 Fabio Vaccarezza

Feb 10 Edward Davis

Feb 11 Harold J. Petosky

Feb 18 Michael R. Pender Sr.

Feb 18 Howard Wunderlich

Feb 20 Richard Wonson

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